Teenage Team Reps U.S. and Break Ski Records

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 26, 2013 9:15 pm

A typical teenage girl spends her time going to the mall with friends, texting and worrying about what she’ll wear the next day. However, in the world of a junior girl ski athlete, she will spend her days on the mountain, training and mentally preparing herself for the next competition. 18-year-old American Sarah Hendrickson, is the epitome of a teenage athlete with multiple medals and an undeniable passion for the sport. On Saturday, January 26th,  Hendrickson dominated the Junior World Ski Jumping Championships in the Team Event by leading the Junior U.S. Ski Team and finishing strong in 8th place. Slovenia won the Team Event with over 1,000 points while France finished 2nd with 787 points and Germany in 3rd place. Although Sarah Hendrickson and the U.S. team did not make it to the podium, Hendrickson blew away the hill record with 106 meters in Liberec, Czech Republic. 

Sarah Hendrickson

Smiles after a ski sesh | Photo: wsjusa.com

Sarah Hendrickson commented on her record-breaking run, “Honestly, I woke up this morning just thinking I was going to go far today. I felt like I was going to go 106…I just went back to the basics today”.

Coach Paolo Bernardi of the U.S. Junior Ski Te

am proudly spoke of  Hendrickson, “Sarah is the kind of athlete that can fix everything in a fast way when she’s relaxed. She was focused and happy today and that enabled her to jump at her level. She was back to normal”.

Bernardi commented, “We were happy we finally were able to participate in the Team Event at Junior Worlds. It really helps show our development program in the U.S. and gives a chance for our younger jumpers to get valuable experience at this level”.


US Junior Women's Ski Team | Photo: DanCampbellPhotography.com

With the inspiration and dedication from the Junior Women’s Ski Team, the sport can only flourish and provide more opportunities for the next generation and many more. 

Don’t miss the World Cup team in the following events in Sapporo (Feb. 2-3) and Zao (Feb. 9-10) in Japan. 

Junior World Ski Jumping Championships Results

Normal Hill  Team Event– HS100

1. Slovenia, 1,009 points

2. France, 787

3. Germany, 762

4. Norway, 759.5

5. Japan, 726.5

6. Russia, 650

7. Czech Republic, 647.5

8. USA, 617