New Exhibit Sourcing Snow with SIA

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 31, 2013 4:17 pm

A new addition to the global SIA convention this year is the trade show Sourcing Snow. This creatively and strategically-placed supplier market prepares the snow sports industry to implement their ideas into actions as they begin the week in Denver, Colorado for the SIA Snow Show. Sourcing Snow offers great networking, trading and purchasing opportunities from January 30-February 1. It exhibits essential, raw textile materials between designers, textile experts and production professionals to solidify their buying process before more networking at the SIA Snow Show. Sourcing Snow and the SIA Snow Show combined in the same room has the same effect as killing two birds with one stone. This combination has made the global snow sport industry gathering more productive and impactful with different focuses but the same overall mission to spread and improve the winter industry. 

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SIA 2012 | Photo: The Ski Channel

 Sourcing Snow launched the event with a luncheon for brand exhibitors, clients and company partners. Journalist were also invited next door to a party hosted by Sourcing Snow at the SIA Pre-Show Snow Fashion & Trends in the Colorado Convention Center. There is no strenuous travel involved which makes the access so much simpler and productive. 

CEO and president of Concept III  commented on the preparation of SIA and Sourcing Snow, “I do think the mechanics and set-up of the room and the booth are very good­­. It is a great location. This is an important way for us to get closer to relationship books

these people in a different environment than their own showroom and a great opportunity to meet people we may not already know.”

“The cost-effective structure of the show and simple set up was a draw for exhibiting suppliers. SIA made it easy for us,” explained Mary Smith, U.S. account manager of Duraflex. “We left the last show we were at and came here, literally bringing our backpack and roller boards- that was it.”

Smith recognized the easy accessibility and stated, “We wanted to have access to all the companies, especially the new and upcoming companies that we don’t see at the other shows that may only be here. We have had about five different companies that have stopped in to talk and are looking for specific things.”

First day of the SIA Snow Show at the Convention Center in Denver, Colo., on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012. (Chris Schneider)

First day of the SIA Snow Show at the Convention Center in Denver 2012. | Photo: Chris Schneider

Since June 2012, there have been discussions about permanently adding SIA textile and sourcing show together with the SIA Supplier Task Force. 

David Ingemie, SIA president stated, “Since the beginning, we have been focused on developing a sustainable model for a show that makes sense for sourcing companies and their customers, especially since it is such a busy show season. I think that Sourcing Snow’s first day indicates that we have a successful model with a lot of opportunities for expansion.”

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