Lindsey Vonn Injured After Severe Crash During World Championships Super G in Schladming

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 5, 2013 9:32 am

Update: Longtime sponsor HEAD Skis has released a statement that sheds more light on the situation.

“According to the doctors she has no fractures, no broken bones but has a very complex knee injury. Lindsey has left the hospital. She and her team will now discuss how to proceed and where to undergo surgery… Season is over, but it's not the end of her career!”

Lindsey Vonn Crash

Olympic and World Cup skiing champion Lindsey Vonn has been hospitalized after a severe crash in Schladming, Austria. The skier was competing in Tuesday's super G event at the World Championships. The tragic fall ruined her .12 second trail behind Tina Maze of Slovenia who finished 1st. Switzerland’s Lara Gut finished second while American Julia Mancuso placed 3rd. 

Weather conditions during the event were extremely foggy, leading to dramatic visibility issues on the course and a 3 1/2 hour delay. Vonn was leading the pack going into the run. After coming off a

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jump located at the course's midway point, Vonn appeared to suffer an unbalanced landing on her right leg, causing her to lose a ski and go down hard. The momentum caused the skier to continue sliding, sending her careening off course, with a gate finally halting the chaos.

Lindsey Vonn Air Lifted

Medical teams responded immediately, attending to the injured athlete for nearly fifteen minutes before air lifting her to a nearby hospital.

According to NBC Sports, officials from the FIS state that doctors are reporting her injury as a “cruciate and lateral ligament injury.”

A subsequent Tweet from NBC' Olympic Researcher Alex Goldberger read, “Right knee/ankle bent awkwardly. Looked scary,”

We will continue to provide updates as they develop.

View video of the crash and subsequent air rescue here.