Rahlves’ Banzai Tour at Kirkwood

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 6, 2013 1:09 pm

Another awesome event at Kirkwood Mountain Resort took place during the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour last weekend. With variations of rough terrain and ungroomed trails, nearly 100 ski and snowboard athletes endured hardcore riding in a snow roller coaster race at full speed. From New York to Texas to California, competitors from all over the country gathered to experience what Kirkwood Mountain Resort has to offer.

Rahlves%u2019 Banzai Tour at Kirkwood 2013

Banzai!!!!! | Photo: Rahlvesbanzai.com

Athletes who mustered up the courage to compete in this insane competition had to overcome the most challenging features including moguls, jumps, gullies and more. One of the newest and most intimidating features of the crazy course is “The Wall”, a 20-foot vertical drop at the start gate. 

Event Creator Daron Rahlves, commented on the course, “Safety is always a top priority throughout the tour and I know most of the athletes were nervous for their first run,” said Rahlves. “Watching the athletes overcome their fears and commit to the drop-in was impressive, to say the least.”

Rahlves%u2019 Banzai Tour at Kirkwood 2013

Full spee

d ahead | Photo: Rahlvesbanzai.com

This year’s Banzai veterans marked their territory and claimed victory in every category. For the Men’s ski, Lake Tahoe’s John Bochenek claimed 1st place to add to his third consecutive first place win at the Kirkwood’s stop to win a total of $3000. 

Tara Hines from Salt Lake City, Utah who placed 4th in the 2012 Kirkwood Banzai tour stop, has risen in the ranks. This year, Hines claimed 1st in Women’s Ski with $1200 extra in her pocket. 

Rahlves%u2019 Banzai Tour at Kirkwood 2013

Kirkwood Mountain Resort | Photo: Rahlvesbanzai.com

As for Men’s Snowboarding, Adam Devargas showed why Kirkwood is his home mountain with over 100 days a year at the resort. Devargas’ shredding at Kirkwood’s resort paid off after placing 1st with a $2000 purse prize. 

Women’s snowboarding veteran and Freeride World Tour competitor, Casey Lucas, traveled from Geneva, Switzerland to compete at this year’s Rahlves’ Banzai Tour in Kirkwood. Lucas’ decision to compete in this race was well worth the flight as she took first place with $650.

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