Nimbus Independent's Eric Pollard Resting After Brutal Injury in Sochi, Russia

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 10, 2013 8:24 pm

The crew from Nimbus Independent recently set out on an expedition to Sochi, Russia, to sample the slopes and the locale of the future olympic venue. After pulling off a mellow rodeo during the first day of shredding, Pollard miscalculated the location of a snow cat track near the landing area and dropped over ten feet down to the flats — breaking his tibia. With no ski patrol or adequate medical assistance, the situation became quite dire! Eric was taken to a nearby Russian hospital, where a cast was fashioned for the injury. Apparently, this turned out to be the most dangerous thing they could do! Had the leg swelled and circulation was restricted, Eric could have suffered lasting muscle damage or even the need for amputation. Fortunately, he called his doctor who advised him to cut it off immediately. His friends then moved quickly to collect enough snow to keep the swelling down until proper assistance could arrive.

To make matters even more complicated, Russian authorities delayed Pollard's insurance provided air rescue from entering the country for 48 hours! A little over a week and three surgeries later, Eric is resting (somewhat) comfortably in a hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Eric Pollard in German Hospital

German Doctors implanted a metal rod to fix the break, but Eric remained in excruciating pain. He was later diagnosed with what is known as Compartment Syndrome. Typically occurring after an injury, the condition can threaten limb and life if not properly addressed. Essentially, raised pressure in the affected area restricts the amount of blood being supplied to muscles in nerves. Without pr

oper oxygen and nutrients lasting damage can occur.

Eric still has a ways to go. The injury is still going to require a few additional surgeries, along with a significant recovery period. Thankfully, he will go on to ski another day. Currently, the living legend is with his wife Erin Pollard and daughter Isabella Pollard. 

Nimbus Independent released a statement on Sunday updating the situation:

[quote style="1"]Just wanted to give everyone an update on Eric. He is doing good and his leg is stable. Eric has been through multiple surgeries and has a lot more to come. He ended up getting compartment syndrome in his leg which is increased pressure in the muscle compartments and it causes extreme pain even with maxed out meds. They had to relieve the pressure in his leg by making a very large incision on the outside of his leg to relieve his muscles. They are now going to do multiple surgeries to close the leg by stitches and skin graphs. This has been a very trying and emotional experience. Eric is going to need support these next few weeks as the surgeries come. Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts. Eric has family with him now so he is feeling much better. A big thank you for Jason Leventhal @lineskis for being with Eric during the worst of this.[/quote]

Eric, Erin and Isabella Pollard 

Photos courtesy of LINE Skis and Nimbus Independent