Nemo’s Snowpocolypse to the Ski Slopes on the East Coast

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 15, 2013 8:53 pm

One of the largest snow storms in history, super storm Nor’easter Nemo stirred the East Coast with record-breaking snowfall just last weekend. The air’s high amount of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the temperature at just below freezing created the perfect conditions for intense snowfall-not too hot, not too cold. From Michigan to Maine, the impact of Nor’easter Nemo made its’ mark. Portland, Maine beat the all-time record snowstorm with 31.9 inches compared to the previous record set on January 17-18th, 1979 with 27.1 inches. Concord, New Hampshire had the second heaviest snowstorm of all time with 24 inches. Hartford, Connecticut along with several other cities in Massachusetts broke the heaviest snowstorm record.

Nor'easter storm Feb 8,2013

NOAA's GOES-13 satellite on Feb. 8 of Nor'easter Nemo | Photo: NASA

With hurricane-like winds and intense snowfall, Nor’easter Nemo has not only brought happiness, but hazards on the East Coast. Declarations of state emergency were declared in Connecticut, Maine, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Car accidents, power outages and public transportation cancellations were some of the super storm’s damages. Many people were landlocked as cars and streets were completely buried in the snow. Snow plows worked around the clock to clear a path on the snowy streets from the nuisances of Nemo. 

However, this hardcore “snowpocolypse” has not stopped many from taking advantage of the fresh powder and winter wonderland conditions. In the calmer areas of the Nor’easter’s storm, it was not uncommon to find kids playing ice hockey on frozen ponds and families sledding in their front yards to experience an unofficial winter vacation. 

Photo courtesy of Whiteface Mountain

Fresh powder on Whiteface Mountain | Photo: Whiteface Mountain images

So what does this mean in the world of a snowboarder and skier? Only one thing comes to mind for the shred-fanatics…it’s time to hit the slopes! By now, a majority of snow-covered streets have been maintained and cars can now hit the road and cruise up to the white-capped mountains. With all of this heavenly snow bestowed upon the East Coast, many should consider to shred the following ski resorts: 

Whiteface Mountain, New York

With 123 inches of snowfall from the year to date, Whiteface is not only the highest peak of ski resorts in the Nort

heast, but is the home of the 1980 Winter Olympics. Such a prestigious event validates the quality and difficulty of the mountain. Out of the 86 trails, one third of them are rated for expert snowboarders and skiers to conquer the steepest vertical drop in the east. 

 home quadshot dev theskichannel wp content image news 20090923_killington

Killington Ski Resort, Vermont

One of Vermont’s top ski resorts, Killington contains over 60 miles of open terrain with a current total season snowfall of 124 inches. Known for the huge variety of terrain, riders of all skill levels and styles can enjoy the 6-peak ski resort. Bumps, steep slopes, freestyle parks and pipes are just some of the fun and challenging aspects of Killington. The Boardercross Course on Snowshed Slope is a new addition to the grand variety.

Powder conditions at Killington Resort | Photo: The Ski Channel 

Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont

With over 485 acres of skiable land, Stowe Mountain Resort has much to offer as the current season total of snowfall of 182 inches continues to increase. Stowe provides two handfuls of terrain parks and other snow-worthy features. Almost 60% of the trails are for intermediate riders and 25% for expert riders. Those who love a challenge should choose Stowe

Stowe Mountain Resort

 So much snow at Stowe… | Photo: Stowe Mountain images 

Loon Mountain Ski Resort, New Hampshire 

Loon Mountain offers a fun experience for families and friends. With a summit elevation of  3,050 ft, Loon has gained 2 feet of snow within the past week. Ride some of Loon’s award-winning terrain parks  including the beastly Superpipe with 18 foot walls. The newly added and popular South Peak from 2007 boasts 70 acres of skiable area with 7 trails and two lifts.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Feel like having a road trip to Canada? Try Mont Tremblant in Quebec for a hardcore experience. With 131 inches of snowfall since the season opening, it’s not hard to receive the presents of powder at Mont Tremblant with a ski area of 654 acres. Known for it’s extreme difficulty, Tremblant consists of 50% expert trails. Be prepared for Tremblant and enjoy the ride. 

Have a fun weekend on the ski slopes, folks!