Red Bull’s Spanish Snowboard Sweetheart Queralt Castellet

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 23, 2013 3:47 pm


Red Bull gets the scoop on Spanish snowboard prodigy Queralt Castellet. The superhero of Spain, Castellet has conquered halfpipe as a great representative. Despite her 5’1” small frame, she can boost with no problem. Being the second woman to land a 1080 in halfpipe competition during the Burton Canadian Open in February 2012, Castellet is a favorite amongst snowboard female athletes.


Queralt Castellet Spain pro snowboarder




With a strong background in gymnastics, Queralt has the skills on a snowboard to pull off airs and maneuvers with grace and style. After a gymnastics injury, Castellet’s parents introduced her to snowboarding. Her passion has grown for this snow sport and has been competing the past 8 years in halfpipe. Regardless of the difficulties snowboarding in Spain, Queralt has trained across the globe with her coach.


Since snowboarding has given her opportunities to travel the world, Castellet has found her second home in New Zealand from June to October for the past 3 years as her training grounds. Check out the lovely lifestyle of Queralt Castellet shown by Red Bull.







Castellet goin’ big for Spain | Photo: Red Bull images