Bradley Wilson Completes Personal Best in Inawashiro World Cup

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 25, 2013 6:17 pm

U.S. skier Bradley Wilson has represented his country with diligence and has completed a career personal best last weekend in the World Cup. In Inawashiro, Wilson took his first World Cup in the dual moguls event on a steep and difficult course. During his final run, Wilson managed to surpass Olympic champion Alex Bilodeau.


Bradley Wilson Completes Personal Best (gold) in Inawashiro World Cup

 Bradley Wilson at the top of the podium with Joe Discoe in third at the Inawashiro World Cup | Photo: Garth Hager


Bradley Wilson commented on his great performance, “To earn my first World Cup win in Inawashiro is pretty unbelievable. It’s a legendary course. And to have this win dueling against the two best skiers on the World Cup circuit makes it that much more rewarding.I came into this season with a lot of pressure that I put in myself, and it seems like the event that I just go out and have a good time with I do the best. That’s what I did here this weekend. I remembered what Freestyle skiing is all about and just really enjoyed myself and enjoyed getting to ski on this unbelievable course. Everyone who came over here qualified for finals today. That just proves how strong our team is. To have so many U.S. athletes on the podium only pushes us all more and make it that much more fun.”


Along with Wilson, USA took three of the top four spots in men’s and women’s dual moguls. All 13 U.S. athletes made it into the finals rounds. Americans Joe Discoe finished a strong 3rd while Sho Kashima finished 4th after returning from a knee injury.


Joe Discoe remarked, “Today was just awesome especially after the unfortunate luck I had in singles yesterday. It was definitely a gnarly course but I was able to ski the top section clean almost every time and that’s what I needed to continue to advance through each round.I was able to ski against Brad and he really pushed me. It’s great to have so many U.S. athletes on the leader board. And the crowd here is just unbelievable. They really love freestyle and it’s great they we were able to put on a good show for them.”


As for the women, Colorado skier Mikaela Matthews has progressed greatly by finishing second place with her career best after eight dual mogul starts. Following in 3rd place was Hannah Kearney and Eliza Outtrim in 4th for the USA.


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