Epic Renovations at Camp Woodward in Copper Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 6, 2013 8:29 pm

Foam pits, air bags and trampolines, oh my! Imagine a place where action sports reap endless benefits of progression and fun without all of the pain. A place that can only be described as the Disneyland of action sports, anything and everything you need is right at Camp Woodward in Copper Mountain. One of the largest sport camps in the world, Colorado’s Camp Woodward is an absolutely awesome facility that offers programs for snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX and filming year-round. Whether you prefer a one hour session or a 12-week program for your sport, Camp Woodward has trained coaches, visiting pro athletes and unique features to take you to the next level. From kids ages 8 to 108, Camp Woodward at Copper shares the stoke with everyone. Most importantly, Woodward encourages participants to make friends, build confidence and have fun.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

 Welcome to Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain | Photo: Camp Woodward


Not to mention, Camp Woodward in Copper is a village full of fun with go-karts, slip n’ slides, bumper cars, a rock climbing wall, arcades, campfires, mini golf, movie nights and the list goes on and on and on.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

Where the impossible becomes possible at Camp Woodward’s Barn | Photo: Camp Woodward


At Camp Woodward in Copper, summer does not stop campers from shredding the snowy slopes. With the help of the prime ski resort at Copper Mountain, Woodward campers can enjoy an endless winter with the snowy peaks right next door. Even during the summer months, you can improve your snowboarding and skiing techniques and skills on and off the slopes at Camp Woodward.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

 Preparation on the trampoline to boost on the slopes | Photo: Camp Woodward 


Begin your training at the Barn in Camp Woodward, which is a 19,400 square foot facility and the training grounds for all types of riders. This huge in-door building full of park and freestyle features helps build confidence with softer landings and assistance from trained coaches and visiting professional athletes. From beginner to expert riders, there are a variety of features at the Barn to help progression including rails, boxes, jumps, half pipes, spring floors, trampolines, air bags, foam pits and more.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

Such style perfected on the slopes at Copper Mountain | Photo: Camp Woodward


Although it seems impossible that this place can get any better, Camp Woodward will receive a major upgrade by this 2013 Summer Camp season. Woodward is continuing its revolutionary and innovating concept by focusing on action sport progression through expanding indoor, outdoor and on-mountain programs and features. With the revolutionary attributes at Camp Woodward, it is very likely that future pro athletes will stem from this camp.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

 The Barn at Camp Woodward where the fun never ends | Photo: Camp Woodward


An epic new addition to Camp Woodward in Copper is a chairlift that will be added from it’s facility to Copper Mountain to give campers direct access to a lift-served snow jib park with features for all skill levels. Another great outdoor upgrade is a mini ramp for summer campers. No matter what sport is prefered by campers, there’s always room for the great outdoors.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

Skate sesh on a sunny day at Copper | Photo: Camp Woodward


Inside the Barn, synthetic snow surfaces will be replaced with hard surfaces for wheels. This not only includes skateboards, bikes and inline, but also the park skis and park snowboards which are specially designed with wheels for non-snow surfaces. Cross training of action sports couldn’t be any easier with the easy transition as you work your way from the Barn to the slopes at Copper Mountain.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

 Putting ski skills to the test at Copper Mountain | Photo: Camp Woodward


In addition, a new foam pit will be added with the current big jump line including a drop in platform with 2-foot and 4-foot jumps to develop beginner park skills. Another bonus is the street area will double in size so all action sport campers can participate. To top off the mega upgrades, two new viewing areas will be created for spectators to get a front row scope of the action.


Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain

Nothing but epic endless winters inside the Barn | Photo: Camp Woodward


Prepare for the epic unveiling of innovative improvements in Camp Woodward at Copper before the first week of Summer Camp, June 16th.