Why I Love to Ski or Ride Video Contest Winner

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 26, 2013 11:03 am


With passionate snowboarders and skiers across the United States, a video contest of “Why I Love to Ski and Ride” has offered shredders to share their story. This epic video contest in conjunction with the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month/Bring a Friend initiative, not only recognizes the stoke of shredders, but of those who would like to learn. Selection of the winner was based on how the riders/skiers demonstrated the fun of their sport and their initiative to inspire others to pursue it.


Along with the Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) Video Award of Excellence, prizes were also given out, including WME videos, a $500 gift certificate from skis.com, a jacket from The North Face and a subscription to Transworld Snowboarding. As the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month requires newcomers to take a professional snowboard/ski lessons for the prize, many submissions were made and many stories were told.


Pennsylvania’s Keith Korchok, won the video contest with the Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) Video Award of Excellence from his video submission “Something from Nothing”.


Korchok shares his personal story of seeking snowboarding as a daily pursuit out of fun and love for the sport, regardless of how far he has to travel to shred in the snow. Keith shreds the local snow resort at Seven Springs in Somerset as much as possible. With the help of his twin brother, Keith created a neighborhood terrain park in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania to share with the community and spread the stoke of snowboarding.


Video submissions are shown on YouTube.