Storms For The Rockies Turn Heavy Especially Over Colorado Next Week

Posted By: Emily Bates on April 5, 2013 11:05 am

Though winter seems to be coming to a close, it’s not time to put the shred sticks away just yet!  The Cascades will be experiencing rain storms until Friday and then cold weather begins into Saturday, which is likely to bring plenty of snow.  Specific mountains that might be worth venturing to this weekend for snow are Crystal, Stevens, Alpental and Baker.  Saturday morning is expected to have medium density powder with moisture decreasing behind the cold air.  Light to moderate snow will hit the Cascades through out the day.  Colorado will be hit by increasing moisture and very heavy snow possibly Monday to Wednesday, with some snow beginning over the weekend.


Winter Park in Colorado is expected to get a good amount of snow with northerly winds.  Photo: Wikicommons

Oregon looks like the best location for heavy snow as cold air hits from Mount Hood to Ashland and flows lightly into the south towards the Sierra.  Southern and Central Montana, as well as central Idaho  will receive spillover snow Sunday/Monday with a cold front just north of Bozemam increasing intensity.   Read more details for the weather forecast and best locations to hit throughout the weekend at

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