Remembering Chelone “Chilly” Miller

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 16, 2013 5:22 pm

It is undeniable how great of an impact Chelone “Chilly” Miller has made on the snow sport community. Known for his huge airs, progressive style, and genuine love for the mountains, professional snowboarder Chelone “Chilly” Miller continuously pushed the boundaries of snowboarding with a permanent smile on his face.

The sudden death of Chelone Miller on April 7, 2013 has been devastating to the snow community. However, his legacy lives on as many have celebrated Chilly’s passionate personality and the adrenaline-filled adventures that he lived for.

On Sunday, a beautiful memorial service was held for Chelone “Chilly” Miller in his home state of New Hampshire surrounded by many family members and friends. While every element of New England weather prevailed including snow, sleet, rain and sun, the ceremony continued with the essence of Chilly’s passion for the outdoors. Many heartfelt speeches of those who had the privilege to know Chilly were given while trying to hold back tears. A video compilation was presented with a Bob Marley soundtrack as the Miller family photo montages and video footage was displayed on the screen, as well as the Ski Channel’s tribute video to Chilly.

Going big as usual in the 2009 Superpark. Photo: Sean Radich

Chilly goin’ big Superpark in 2009| Photo: Sean Radich

Older brother and Olympic gold medalist, Bode Miller spoke of his late brother Chilly, “He loved life so much; it made him easy to love and easy to be around,” Bode told The Ski Channel soon after the horrible news settled in. “I’m going to miss him a lot…”

Created by World Cup Champion Bode Miller in 2005, the Turtle Ridge Foundation was established as a non-profit organization supporting adaptive and youth sports programs. As a tradition of the Miller family, Bode and the Millers have dedicated their lives to helping others. Specifically, the Turtle Ridge Foundation aims to provide a voice to individuals and organizations to resolve difficult environmental protection issues and create accessibility and opportunities for the next generation and for those who have a disability to participate in various sports and recreational activities.

Bode and Chelone stared in The Story, and shared their close relationship with the audience. Photo: "The Story" film by The Ski Channel

 Bode and Chelone stared in “The Story”, showing their brotherly bond to the world | Photo: “The Story” film by The Ski Channel

The recent and tragic death of Chilly has caused many to reach out to those who suffer his loss and celebrate the incredible legacy he has left behind.

As friends and fans of Chilly, Todd Macomber and Chris Wible have designed Live Free Chilly license plate stickers as a tribute to Chelone Miller. Each clear, waterproof vinyl Chilly sticker can be purchased online at a minimum of $4 via PayPal. All proceeds from sticker sales will be donated to the Turtle Ridge Foundation.

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