Ski Champ Kaya Turski Undergoes Knee Surgery

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 28, 2013 5:00 am

In any sport, injuries are bound to happen. Professional skier and multi X Games gold medalist, Kaya Turski from Canada, has been there and done that. Turski has encountered many injuries including an internal organ injury and an ACL knee injury and repair in the 2006/2007 ski season.

Recently, while training for ski season in Mt. Hood, Turski had a bad fall which required serious medical attention.

Kaya Turski knee surgery

Turski stays stoked before her knee surgery | Photo:Facebook/Kaya Turski

Kaya Turski underwent surgery on Monday and was told by her doctor that a full recovery is well on its way. After continuous physical therapy, Turski is expected to return to the slopes this season. Keep an eye open for Turski who is planning on competing in the Olympics again. Who knows what can happen with this dedicated athlete.

kaya turski knee surgery


Turski is ready for more action post surgery | Photo:Facebook/Kaya Turski

The Ski Channel wishes Kaya Turski a speedy recovery!