Top 10 Action Sport Snow Images of Red Bull Illume Photo Contest

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 3, 2013 5:57 pm

As the largest action sport and adventure photography contest in the world, Red Bull Illume has illuminated the best artists behind the lens to share the masterpieces they have created through photographic images. In the capital hub of creativity, Hong Kong hosted the Award Ceremony for the top 50 finalists of Red Bull Illume 2013. Celebrating the essence of action and adventure sports photography with hundreds of photographers and editors, Red Bull Illume entertained the crowd with festivities in the evening including BMX flatland demos by athletes Viki Gomez and Matthias Dandois along with an illuminated dragon dance.



With the overall winner, the Top 10 category winners, and the top 50 finalists, each aspect of photography was recognized. German photographer Lorenz Holder was crowned Overall Winner for his jaw-dropping photo of a snowboarder riding a giant satellite dish. Holder won a Leica S camera, a broncolor Move Outdoor kit and Sun-Sniper gear — a prize worth over $40,000 in total. He also won the Experimental category.

Red Bull illume Overall Winner 2013, Lorenz Holder stated, “The quality of the images in the Top 50 was amazing, so for me it is a great honor to be voted number one. It’s so unreal. It will take a few days for the news to sink in”.

From August 30-September 15, the top 50 Red Bull Illume’s finalist photos will be displayed on 6ft x 6ft life-size lightboxes amongst Hong Kong’s famous Avenue of Stars, as a free public exhibition uniquely portraying the photos in the evening from 8-11pm.

The Top 50 Red Bull Illume Winners:

Overall Winner: Lorenz Holder (GER), Playground

Athletes’ Choice: Morgan Maassen (USA), Lifestyle by Leica


(AUS) Stuart Gibson

(IRE) George Karbus

(NED) Jeroen Nieuwhuis

(SUI) Claudio Casanova

(USA) Morgan Maassen


(ARG) Juan Cruz Rabaglia

(CAN) Jussi Grznar

(CZE) Daniel Vojtìch

(EST) Jaanus Ree

(GER) Lorenz Holder


(CAN) Sterling Lorence

(FIN) Rami Hanafi

(SUI) Romina Amato

(SUI) David Carlier

(USA) Christian Pondella


(CAN) Jussi Grznar

(ESP) Ismael Ibañez Ruiz

(USA) Morgan Maassen

(USA) Theodore Van Orman

(USA) Jimmy Wilson


(CAN) Scott Serfas

(CAN) Jody MacDonald

(SUI) Nicolas Jutzi

(USA) Clark Fyans

(USA) Ryan Taylor


(AUS) Stuart Gibson

(IRE) George Karbus

(POL) Rafal Meszka

(USA) Dave Lehl

(USA) Chris Burkard


(AUS) Martin Lugger

(CAN) Paul Bride

(GER) Lorenz Holder

(ITA) Olaf Pignataro

(USA) Scott Dickerson


(AUT) Rainer Eder

(CAN) Ray Demski

(GER) Florian Breitenberger

(GER) Lorenz Holder

(SWE) Elias Kunosson


(CAN) Scott Serfas

(FRA) Vince Perraud

(GBR) Dan Carr

(USA) Blotto Gray

(USA)  Zak Noyle


(AUS) Krystle Wright

(GRE) Dimitrios Kontizas

(SLO) Samo Vidic

(USA) Lucas Gilman

(USA) Benjamin Ginsberg