Devun Walsh Shares Near Death Experience

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 9, 2013 6:00 am

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Long-time Arnette pro snowboarder Devun Walsh shares his close encounter with death when riding on a snowmobile off a jump.

During a winter trip of 1999 with friends, Devun Walsh enjoyed a day with his friends until an unexpected hard fall took place.

Though very familiar with jumping on a snowmobile, Walsh shares with #LIVEARNETTE, “It was a total ‘one more time’ thing”.

Unfortunately, Devun undershot the jump and rammed his neck into the metal handle bars. Unable to breath, Devun was airlifted to the hospital for immediate medical attention. Suffering a crushed trachea, Devun never spoke the same way he did before the horrific incident.


“X” marks the spot of the battle wounds of Devun Walsh| Photo: Arnette

“Life is precious,” Devun commented about his traumatic experience on camera.

Despite his serious injury in ‘99 as well as many others, Devun continues to dominate in backcountry snowboarding, even to this day.

Just released, Devun Walsh’s has released a new masterpiece for riders, including the Arnette Uncommon Projects Skylight and Windshield goggles, both with a custom snow tree camo pattern.


Introducing Devun Walsh’s signature snow goggles Arnette Skylight | Photo: Arnette

Get ready for another year with fresh gear and go big like Walsh.