Five Day Aspen Spora O’Neill Gear Giveaway! Day #5

Posted By: Emily Bates on October 21, 2013 12:11 am

Day #5 of our Aspen Spora O’Neill Gear Giveaway is now over.

Welcome to the last day of our 5-day Aspen Spora O’Neill Gear Giveaway! Aspen spent some time at The Ski Channel headquarters giving us the inside scoop on some of his favorite things in life as a 12-year-old X Games athlete. We have been posting videos asking Aspen one question about himself and then giving YOU the opportunity to guess his favorite things in the comment section below. Check back tomorrow because Aspen will reveal the last answer, and your correct response may win FREE O’Neill gear. If you took a stab at answering yesterday’s question, find out if you guessed correctly by watching the video below and get ready to answer the last question!

Aspen Spora O’Neill Gear Giveaway Answer #4 & Question #5:

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