Freeskiing Meets Heavy Metal with Red Bull’s Bene Mayr

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 4, 2013 11:17 am

The past months of Red Bull rider Bene Mayr of this and last winter season have been marked by the intense preparations for the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and has been stuffed full of appointments, contests and hard core training. However, Mayr is not leaving the stage without throwing his fans a give-away, and presents “Encore” – his extra bonus for the 2013 season.

LOS Night Shoot @ FIAT Nine Knights 2013

All knight riders shoot rapid fire at Il Castello | Photo: Klaus Polzer

With his band Legs of Steel and the support from Red Bull Bene Mayr transformed the Nine Knights Il Castello into an explosive rock show on snow. Awesome freeskiing, a fair deal of pyrotechnics and thundering Heavy Metal unite to one action-packed video which premieres today YouTube. With their love for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock uniting the friends of the Legs of Steel crew, as well as being an important source of inspiration, Bene had for a long time been playing with the idea of producing a Freeski clip in the style of a rock music video. The Nine Knights event in Livigno, Italy last spring provided the ideal venue and occasion to realize this idea.

LOS Night Shoot @ FIAT Nine Knights 2013

Legs of Steel rock on at the FIAT Nine Knights 2013 kicker | Photo: Klaus Polzer

Nine Knights is one of the most outstanding Freeski events and wows everybody each year with a top-notch field of riders and an elaborate kicker feature in form of a huge castle of snow. The whole Legs of Steel crew went down to beautiful Livigno to participate at the Nine Knights competition and in order to shoot the first Freeski Heavy Metal music video. With the help from Red Bull spectacular shots were taken with up to 14 riders jumping the monumental kicker at the same time.