Winter Sessions: Sean Pettit Pt. 2

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 13, 2013 6:00 am

The Ski Channel is proud to present the life of Canadian freeskier Sean Pettit in its original series, Winter Sessions. By the age of 11, Pettit began his professional ski career and became the youngest athlete to be signed by Red Bull at 13 years old. With his natural athletic ability, Sean has conquered backcountry skiing in competition and video parts, winning multiple awards.


In episode 2 of Winter Session, Sean Pettit explains his passion for other sports such as skateboarding and mountain biking. Growing up as an all around athlete and pursuing many other sports, Pettit has shown a fluid style in all outlets.


“I remember my brother asking me one time, ‘ What do you want to be? A professional skiier, a professional mountain biker or a professional skateboarder?’ My first choice was skateboarding,” Pettit said, “but sure enough, I became a pro skiier.” Catch a glimpse of the epic life of Sean Pettit in the 3-part series by The Ski Channel.

The Ski Channel presents its original series “Winter Sessions” dedicated to unique athletes who go above and beyond expectations in the great outdoors.  It is with great applause that we celebrate the lives of these featured individuals for their dedication to their sport and inspiring accomplishments.