CL!CK Carabiner Introduces First Ski and Board Tool

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 18, 2013 11:48 am

CL!CK Carabiner has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign and introduces the world to the first snowboard and alpine ski tool in a carabiner form. Snowboarding and Skiing specific wrenches, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener were all fit into a carabiner to make the first “on the go” Ski and Snowboard tool that clips right to a belt loop or backpack. The CL!CK CARABINER is highly compact and extremely portable. Keeping keys secure and tools on hand at all times skiers and snowboarders can now tune their bindings anytime, anywhere.


Company Founder, Mark “Schmiddy” Schmid began with the highly successful Skateboard Carabiner Tool. Naturally, people began to ask Schmiddy for other niche specific carabiners. So Schmiddy, along with his dream team of world class talent designed the Alpine Ski and Snowboard Carabiner. Having a CL!CK Ski or Snowboard Carabiner could save your day on the mountain. In fact, the tools included in these carabiners are incredibly handy to have on you even if you not a skier or snowboarder.


Check out the quick fix for boards and skis with CLICK CARABINER | Photo: Click Carabiner 


Information on the CL!CK CARABINER Kickstarter can be found at: