Exclusive Interview With Olympian Heidi Kloser On Sochi Moguls Crash

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 8, 2014 3:18 pm

U.S. Freestyle Ski Team’s Olympic athlete Heidi Kloser took a serious crash on her first training run at Sochi and is, unfortunately, out of the Olympic Games. The Ski Channel got an exclusive interview with Heidi to hear the details of her Olympic experience.

heidi kloser, moguls, crash

Dan Campbell Photo / U.S. Olympic Freeskier, Heidi Kloser 

On her first training run, she took a bad crash on the first jump in the mogul qualifications course. Heidi ended up being taken off the mountain and straight to the local ER for x-rays and an MRI. She has a partially torn MCL, completely torn ACL, an impact fracture on her Femur, and an impact bruise on her Tibia Plateau. Unfortunately, Heidi will not be competing with the rest of Team USA in the Olympic games.

heidi kloser, moguls, crash

An instagram shot Heidi took of the Sochi 2014 mogul course.

The Ski Channel caught up with Heidi after the accident for an exclusive Q & A to firstly, congratulate her on all of her accomplishments and we are so proud that represents America. We asked Heidi what her most memorable moments of being apart of the Olympic Games was from what she got to experience, we want to know the good, the bad, we want to know it all.

Heidi replies that her most memorable moment pre-injury was, “Standing in the starting gate moments before I was injured. I had taken a moment as I was standing in the gate to soak it all in and say to myself this is it. It is finally here. This is everything I have worked for and here I am at the top of the Olympic mogul course in a starting bib and I get to ski in the Olympics”.

heidi kloser, moguls, crash

Heidi after her injury continuing to persevere through Olympic press with a positive attitude. Photo: Mike Kloser

She explains what her most memorable moment of being apart of the Olympics post-injury was, “In the tunnel just before we entered the stadium for opening ceremonies and all the athletes started chanting USA. How could that not be a great memory when you are part of the USA Team line up.”

We asked Heidi how she felt about going all the way to Russia for the Olympics, “I was not nervous or concerned. I was confident that all would go well.”

Heidi, was Russia anything like you expected?  She replied, “I was here for a world cup a year ago and the changes aren’t just in the buildings and infrastructure but the changes are also in the people. This year the staff and volunteers are great. The Russians have been enthusiastic and wonderful.”

We are so happy you were able to walk in the Opening Ceremony with your teammates, how was that? “Opening Ceremony was a little different from what I expected. The cheering and chanting was so cool. The energy of the crowd and the energy of the team was amazingly strong. I did not expect to be on crutches when I would get to walk out representing my country that I love but I am so glad I didn’t have to ride in the wheel chair and that I could use the crutches.”

Is there anything specific you want to tell everyone following your story back at home in the states? “Thank you for all of your support. Your support makes me feel like I am a part of the Olympic Games. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to make it to Sochi 2014. To all of you who have an Olympic dream of your own—You can do it too. Set your mind to it. Work hard, accept the challenges then overcome them and you can do it.”

heidi kloser, moguls, crash


We are sending you positive vibes for a speedy recovery, Heidi!  Photo: Dan Campbell

heidi kloser, moguls, crash

Heidi and her biggest supporters, her parents Mike and Emily Kloser in Sochi.