Montana Avalanche Buries 3, Woman Did Not Survive

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 3, 2014 1:46 pm

A massive avalanche broke on Mt. Jumbo in Missoula’s Rattlesnake Valley, Montana burying two adults and one child.  All were dug out to safety by officials and volunteer neighbors and taken to the hospital. According to the Montana Standard newspaper, “The avalanche that rocketed down the west face of Mount Jumbo on Friday afternoon was probably going 120 mph when it obliterated Fred Allendorf and Michel Colville’s house at the base of the hill”.

The avalanche was most likely triggered by a back country snowboarder which then funneled the slide right into their neighborhood. The avalanche obliterated the house, leaving it completely under snow and according to the Montana Standard newspaper,  ”It tore the house off its foundation and plowed the mangled remains about 50 feet into the intersection”.

The whole neighborhood gathered to help officials search for the three people that were buried.  The child was playing outside when the avalanche hit and the boy was found pinned next to the fence but was alive and taken into the hospital for further treatment. The adults, Fred Allendorf was found trapped next to the remains of their brick chimney but survived and is in critical condition. According to Yahoo! News, unfortunately the woman, Michel Colville who was found almost three hours after the slide has just been pronounced dead at the local hospital.

montana avalanche

A previous large avalanche slide image in a nearby area of Montana. Photo: Glacier NPS / Wiki Commons