VIDEO: Giant Avalanche Takes Out Chair Lift At Crystal Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 11, 2014 10:05 am

An avalanche triggered by ski patrol takes out High Campbell chairlift  at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Washington. The avalanche knocked the bottom of the lift 15 feet off its foundation. The resort stated, “It was triggered by an explosive on the throne around 4:45 pm. The area was closed and nobody was hurt”.

crystal mountain ski reosrt avalanche

The avalanche destroyed the bottom foundation and towers of High Campbell chair lift / Photo: Crystal Mountain 

Thankfully no one was injured and ski patrol is taking the instability of the snowpack very seriously and will keep terrain closed. The resort later added “It is time for a new lift this summer!”

crystal mountain avalanche

The massive avalanche pulled down the entire side of chair lift / Photo: Crystal Mountain 

A local skier caught another controlled avalanche just days before also at Crystal Mountain thundering down the hill on camera, watch below:

Video by Kim Kircher.