VIDEO: 2014 War Of Rails At Bear Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 11, 2014 5:22 pm

The 2014 5th annual War Of Rails aka the ‘hybrid of ski competitions’ at Bear Mountain was all-time. The park was set to perfection with some of the industry’s top athletes showing off their latest and greatest tricks, especially Dominic Laporte for a switch 630 to the top of wall ride.

bear mountain photo_WOR14 winners

2014 War Of Rails podium winners at Bear Mountain. Winning first was Kaarl Fostvedt and 2nd went to LJ Strenio, Sean Jordan in 3rd / Photo: Bear Mountain Ski Resort  

Watch the full event recap below:

Video by Bear Mountain Resort 

bear mountain war of rails

War Of Rails’ wall ride made for some big scores / Photo: Bear Mountain Ski Resort 

Full results are as follows:

1. Karl Fosvedt
2. LJ Strenio
3. Sean Jordan
4. Max Morello
5. Matt Walker
6. Joey Van Der Meer
7. Dominic Laporte
8. Khai Krepela
9. Sandy Boville
10. Tosh Peters
11. Brendan Trieb
12. Martin Boulais
13. Simon Gingras
14. Kolby Ward
15. Vincent Prevost
16. Luka Melloni