Origone Breaks Speed Skiing World Record

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 1, 2014 10:35 am

The world’s fastest downhill speed skiing record was just broken by the record holder himself, Simone Origone. According to CNN, Simone broke his own speed skiing world record reaching 252.4 kilometers per hour (156.8 miles per hour) on the Chabrieres slopes in the French Alps.

Simone had set the previous world record in April 2006 of reaching a top speed of 251.4 km/h at Les Arcs in France. CNN also stated that Simone was skiing on a 1,220 meter slope that has a maximum gradient of 98% and an average of 52.5%. This top speed and amount of force is usually what Formula One drivers want to achieve. Simone wore an aerodynamic helmet and an air-tight latex ski suit to reduce wind resistance.

simone origone

Photo courtesy of Simone Origone facebook. 

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Video by Red Bull.