VIDEO: Mammoth Mountain’s Annual Pond Skim

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 19, 2014 9:00 am

Mammoth Mountain presents it’s annual Pond Skim. Where the crowds fill up Canyon Lodge to watch the craziest skiers and snowboarders straight-line it across a 110ft, ice-cold pond. The Pond Skim is open to the public (limit 60 competitors) who all must be in costumes. Come celebrate this Easter Sunday April 20th on the deck to watch some epic Pond Skimming, you are guaranteed to see a couple great wipeout’s as well.

Video by Mammoth Mountain

New in 2014′s Pond Skim event, we will also have the Mophie InstaJam, a Bikini Contest, and prizes for the Best Skim, Bikini Babe, Best Crash, Crowd Favorite and Best Costume. This is the most entertaining event you’ll see all season.

mammoth pond skim

A brave soul with a great wig aims for the other end / Photo: Peter Morning / Mammoth Mountain

mammoth pond skim

The girls pulled out their best get-ups and went for a skim / Photo: Peter Morning / Mammoth Mountain

pond skim

I doubt the water is very warm.. / Photo: Mammoth Mountain