Skeena Heliskiing Launches ‘No Frills’ with Base Camp Option for 2015

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 10, 2014 11:49 am

Skeena Heliskiing’s Bear Claw Lodge is one of the best heliskiing lodges we have visited.  And owner/GM Jake is one of the coolest.

For 2015, Skeena Heliskiing is launching Base Camp Skeena Heliskiing  - including dome tent lodging and a great value, for those who are OK without a fancy lodge.

heliskiing tent constellation  at night


Base Camp guests will ski the same great terrain. Like other Skeena Heliskiing trips, it is for 7-days only.

wide shot base camp skeena heliskiing


For 2015, Base Camp Skeena Heliskiing is running during February and March only.

The price is $8900 Can., costing almost 30% less than the Bear Claw Lodge program.

base camp skeena heliskiing inside communal dome tent


Also similar to the Bear Claw Lodge program, the skiing is fast. The Bell2 takes two groups of up to five guests.

Base Camp is also closer to the goods. Just one minute to the first run.

chopper at skeena heliskiing tent


The ‘tent constellation’ includes a large communal tent, a shower tent and five guest tents accommodating up to two guests each.


Skeena heliskiing guest tent inside


The structures are non-permanent, minimizing environmental impact.

Jake has been testing this set up for years, and it is now ready to prime time.

jake testing heliskiing tents at skeena


Base Camp Skeena Heliskiing is only accessible by helicopter, fly-in fly-out.

Base Camp is supported by the main lodge, just 12 minutes away by chopper.

Interested?  Call 866-HELISKI or email TJ.