5 Activities Skiers Need To Survive Summer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 21, 2014 8:00 am

We all agree that nothing is worse than waiting for winter to arrive. Yes, summer is awesome, but lets cut the crap and admit we all low-key hate the heat, the goonies that come to town, and pretending that we like the beach. But don’t sweat, we have come to the rescue to provide you with our five favorite activities to get you through the summer time blues.

summer activites

Photo by Sam Redmond

1. Hiking or Mountain Climbing

When you go hiking on your favorite ski mountain in the summer, you can really soak in the surrounding landscape while you walk or climb because you aren’t speeding down the mountain with blurry ski goggles on like you do in the wintertime. Plus, you can tell all your friends when you are at the top of the gondola next winter that you powered up the mountain with your own two legs. And if that doesn’t do it for you, it’s also just a great way to keep your leg muscles engaged during the off-season.


2. Mountain Biking

If hiking isn’t giving you that same adrenaline fix that you need when you are on the mountain, strap into a mountain bike and charge down a trail. Like skiing, mountain biking forces you to focus all of  your energy on the trail in front of you, because it also carries the same heart-pounding risks at every turn (Minus the fluffy snow to cover the jagged rocks) Let’s just say the beanie won’t cut it on the mountain bike.


3. Set up a training program

You don’t want all the excitement of the first day of skiing to be ruined by muscle fatigue or bad stamina. Get your body ready for the winter, so you can ski all day. Here is are some good examples of off-season exercises for skiers:

4. Watch a ski movie

When it’s raining outside and you are feeling the off-season blues, put on a great ski film to get amped for the winter.

Our recommendations:

1. Valhalla 

2. Warren Miller’s Storm

3. Art of Flight (for snow boarders)

And be sure to check out Ski Channel’s original film “Winter”. Email pr@theskichannel.com to order a DVD!

 5. Summer sales shopping

Replace your old and broken ski gear during the summer, so that you can take advantage of the sales before the season rolls around.