686 Introduces Entirely New Collection

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 22, 2014 4:50 pm

Michael Akira West has always believed in freedom of expression. During the early eighties, West found himself drenched in the middle of the progressive street skateboarding scene in Venice, CA. As the freedom of skateboarding provided inspiration, ideas began popping into West”s head. Soon after, West was introduced to snowboarding, and the ideas reached an entirely new level.

After riding and working in Big Bear, CA, West found himself studying at the University of Southern California. Fueled by his new snowboarding addiction, West created a class project that focused on clothing inspired by the Los Angeles street culture and mountain lifestyle. Turns out, this little class project was the blue print for something huge. On November 13, 1992, 686 technical apparel was formed.

686 gear has always pushed the boundaries | Photo 686

686 gear has always pushed the boundaries. Photo: 686

686 gear is trusted by many mountain adventurers | Photo 686

686 gear is trusted by many mountain adventurers. Photo: 686

Photo | 686

Photo: 686

Since its inception, 686 has been providing consumers with innovative, fashionable outerwear that has reached incredible heights. 686 gear can be found worldwide, and the high quality snowboarding lifestyle brand remains one of the most trusted manufacturers.

However, despite all online casino canada the success and accolades, the 686 team wanted to dig deeper. They desire to push industry boundaries and create new gear based on new inspiration. So, this year, 686 went back to the drawing board and threw away everything they knew about outerwear. Entire collections were redesigned, each with their own story, design language, and price point, with the purpose of creating products that appeal to all of 686’s unique consumers. The outcome was sizzling.

New 686 gear offers a wide variety of styles | Photo 686

New 686 gear offers a wide variety of styles. Photo: 686

New for this winter, the revamped GLCR  collection looks to be something special. According to the folks at 686, “The GLCR collection instills the spirit of adventure in the world”s most advanced technical outerwear.” The GLCR collection is completely waterproof and offers the ultimate protection from winter elements.  686’s most popular outerwear line is available in both men’s and women’s.

The 2014/2015 Women

The 2014/2015 Women”s 686 Line. Photo: 686

The New 2014 GLCR Jacket | Photo 686

The New 2014 GLCR Jacket. Photo: 686

Along with the GLCR collection, everything from gloves to beanies  has a new, refreshed look, ready for the 2014-2015 season. It appears the 686 crew has successfully put a new spin into their gear, all without losing their signature quality. Perhaps this is why many outdoor enthusiasts have come to love and trust the 686 brand.

686 offers just about everything you

686 offers just about everything you”ll need. Photo: 686

To check out all the exclusive 2014/2015 gear, visit the 686 official website.