Avalanche Buries Two Skiers in Tignes, France

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 5, 2012 8:01 pm

Two French skiers were buried in an avalanched in Tignes, France on Wednesday. According to ledauphine.com a group of three skiers were riding off-piste on Tovière, located on the north side, just below the top line of the TIgnes France. The avalanche struck at around 11:30am. One of the skiers was able to evade the oncoming snow, but the other two were overtaken.

Tignes snow patrol was quickly on the scene to rescue the victims, and were aided by personell from the neighboring Val d'Isere ski station. They were able to quickly recover a male victim, and shortly thereafter uncovered the second female victim. A rescue helicopter was called in, however, it was una

ble to take off due to high winds and low visibility.

In a statement to PlanetSki.eu by the tourist office, the incident was described as; “Two persons were caught in an avalanche this morning at 11:29 am. The first one had been found quickly, just unconscious, and is now well and at home. The second one is most seriously injured and is actually on her way to the hospital of Grenoble. The ski patrols from Tignes and Val d'Isère and the skiing instructors from Tignes were all on the spot to find them as fast as they can but the victims were not equipped with detectors.”

Between heavy snowfall and strong winds, there was a high avalanche warning throughout the region. Tignes officials had warned the day's guest that the avi warning was 4 out of 5, although most chose to ride anyways. Many of the region's surrounding resorts have been closed in lieu of avalanche danger. 

At this time, the female victim is in critical condition. She was under the snow for a moderate amount of time before being recovered and resucitated by rescue crews at the scene.