Marble Avalanche Claims One Victim

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 15, 2013 6:16 pm

On Monday, Crested Butte search and rescue crews managed to recover the body of James Lindenblatt, the 37-year-old victim of Sunday's deadly avalanche that struck outside of Marble, Colordado on Sunday afternoon. Using a helicopter, the crew braved highly unstable backcountry terrain to recover the Summit County resident's body.

marble colorado avalanche

According to the Colorado Avalanche Center, Lindenblatt and two other skiers were riding in the area south of Marble. Everyone but the victim were able to avoid being swept up by the avalanche. Each skier was in fact wearing a beacon, including the deceased — however, Lindenblatt was deceased by the time he was dug out of the snow. Upon this realization, the surviving skiers completed their descent and alerted the Gunnison County Sheriff at around 4:30pm.

While an official coroner report has not been released, the skiers on the scene speculate that Lindenblatt died from “the violence of the avalanche”, as opposed to suffocation.