Tanner Hall Winter Dew Tour Superpipe Winner

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 21, 2008 1:00 pm

Saturday night, under the lights, the best park skiers in the world, Breckenridge.  The stage was set for an epic evening.  But, man, was it cold!  Fans, as well as athletes, deserved trophies for braving the conditions.  Mother Nature has the ice torch blasting on much of the U.S., and Breckenride was no different.  Considering the added 37-mile-an-hour wind factor and what Tanner Hall, Justin Dorey, Simon Dumont and the other Winter Dew competitors put on Saturday night was remarkable.  Tanner Hall, the veteran superstar, landed 1260s to forcefully grab the top podium spot.  "It means a lot to come out and win and just have good momentum going into the next one. I know what I gotta work on to better my runs and I’m just stoked for Mount Snow."  The Alli site has Hall’s "stratospheric" winning run.  For a complete list of results and photos, check Freeskier.

The competitors now look towards Mount Snow, Vermont, the second leg of the inaugural Winter Dew Tour.

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