Lindsey Vonn Lead Evaporates as Riesch Wins

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 5, 2009 10:40 am

Lindsey Vonn was leading a lot of things before her second run in Zagreb, Croatia.  The reigning World Cup champ was leading the Snow Queen Trophy slalom race after a blistering first run.  She was leading the World Cup standings.  And she was leading Maria Riesch, her best friend and closest competitor.  Cueing the sounds of Maxwell Smart’s "missed it by that much", Lindsey crashed on her second run just before the finish.  "Lindsey went out of the start and had a little bobble and then she relaxed, turned it on and started going," Women’s Alpine Tech Coach Trevor Wagner said. "She skied really well through the top and middle, then, shifting gears toward the bottom she came out of a hairpin a little bit direct. The snow was pretty slick down there and that’s where she lost it."

Indeed she lost it.  "It" being the race and the overall World Cup lead.  Lindsey’s loss was Maria Riesch’s gain.  Riesch’s third consecutive World Cup slalom win vaults her to the top of the overall standings, as Vonn drops to third.  The women now head to Maribor, Slovenia for the next stop on the tour.

Photo: Mario Ćužić

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