Bode Miller’s Boots Lead to Disqualification

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 7, 2009 1:00 pm

One one-hundredth of an inch.  That’s the measured length of the panicle mite.  It’s also the measured length of extra ski boot heel that resulted in Bode Miller’s disqualification from the World Cup slalom in Slovekia this past weekend.  And you thought micro-measurments to this degree were only relevant to NASCAR disqualifications.  The rule was put in to place to protect athletes from knee injuries that often result from higher boot soles.  Allowable: 1.35 inches.  Not allowable: Bode’s 1.36 inches.  "It’s black and white," Forest Carey, the coach of Miller’s independent ski team told the Associated Press. "The rules are clear, so nothing we can do about that."

The disqualification was not nearly on the scale of the Mahre brothers’ bib debacle, since Miller was a full two seconds back of race leader Jean-Baptiste Grange after the first run.  Grange, a Frenchman, leads the World Cup standings heading into the giant slalom in Adelboden, Austria this weekend.

photo: Christian Jansky

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