Casey Puckett’s Up & Down Week in Ski Cross

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 8, 2009 3:00 pm

If an individual sport’s longevity is dependent on its television visual appeal, ski cross is here to stay.  Hockey?  I can’t follow the puck.

One of America’s leading ski cross athletes, Aspen’s Casey Puckett placed forth in the opening season World Cup in Austria on Monday.  The course was icy and, consequently, a little too fast.  "It wasn’t the greatest course to start on for me because it was rock hard. The jumps were sending me really high and down onto the flats," Puckett said. "The course was really hard on my body. It would have been just fine for me to leave here getting out of St. Johann healthy."

Two days later, a blessed-to-be-healthy Puckett finished 10th in a non-World Cup event in Tignes, France.  In the second heat, a fellow racer crossed over Pucket’s tips and sent him over the side of a bank turn.

The World Cup of Ski Cross continues this weekend in Les Contamines, France.

Photo Tom Kelly/U.S. Ski Team

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