JF Houl: Super Technician Wins Slopestyle at Winter Dew Tour

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 9, 2009 10:00 pm

Park skiing continues to progress at a rapid rate.  Under the competition name Slopestyle exists two, individually specialized disciplines.  Of course, there are the jumps. But, probably because we love to watch our athletes fly through the air, somehow we’ve been missing the revolutionary stuff going on in park skiing on the rails.  Candian skier JF Houle not only won the second stop on the Dew Tour today, he made a convincing case for us to look closer. "I’m strong at rail and I just went for a super technical run," Houle said. "I think it’s never really been done in slopestyle before. So I’m pretty stoked on that. I’m super stoked that finally rail gets some respect in the slopestyle course."  Judging by his competitors’ reaction, everyone is "stoked".  Houle was mobbed by his fellow freeskiers at the bottom of his winning run.

And there it was.  Rails are in.  Should have seen this coming, when Bobby Brown flipped off the final jib on the first stop.  Still, Brown’s athletic display was much different to Houle’s incredible technical play with the rails.  The inagural Winter Dew Tour has shown much, but most noticable has been the rapid progression spurred by a real technical creativity. JF Houl is now tied atop the freeski slopestyle standings with Norway’s Per Kristian Hunder.  Bobby Brown is only five points back heading towards the third and final stop at Northstar, February 19th.


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