Troubles Continue for Bode Miller in Wengen, Switzerland

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 16, 2009 5:00 pm

It’s definitely been a tough year for Bode Miller.  His high-risk/high-reward style that makes him so fascinating to watch has unfortunately led to more crash-and-burn results than podium triumphs this World Cup season.  Bode’s faster than pretty much everyone on the tour, but his margin for error is zero.  Even renting a helecopter to ferry him to a mountain slope similar to the Wengen slalom course did not break the continued poor results.  Sitting in sixth after the downhill portion of the super-combined, Bode could not take advantage.  "Bode definitely put himself in a position where he could have done great today, but unfortunately he had problems at the bottom of the slalom," Men’s Alpine Head Coach Sasha Rearick said.  Miller lost control and dropped all the way to 32nd place.  Carlo Janka of Switzerland won his second World Cup event of the season.

The signature event comes Saturday with the Lauberhorn downhill.  Janka is looking to Miller to redeem himself. "You can never count him out," Janka said of Miller. "He is one of the favorites. He just needs to cross the finish line."  More so than any other season, finishing has been Bode Miller’s biggest problem.

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