Xavier Bertoni Bests Tanner Hall for Superpipe X Games Gold

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 22, 2009 8:00 pm

The pipe that riders had professed early support for ended up being a big part of the story.  Rock hard, icy, big and fast.  Margin of error, zero.  Add to that the big lights, the crowds, and ESPN prime time love, there were many more misses than hits on Thursday night.  Justin Dorey, the Winter Dew Tour wunderkind, could not, like many of the competitors, land one completely clean run.  None of this mattered to the 19-year-old Frenchmen, Xavier Bertoni, who stompped all three of his runs, which included his X Games Gold run.

Simon Dumont was punished for going too high.  Odd to say, but true.  Dumont was only able to land five tricks after covering most of the pipe’s real estate in the air.  Dumont with the podium finish, getting X Games Bronze.

Tanner Hall.  Brought it like a true champ.  Pressure packed third run, last run of the competition, and a very unforgiving pipe.  And to his credit, Hall went bigger.  He went for it.  A couple hick-ups in the air, and there’s a new X Games champ on the block.  Tanner Hall, X Games 13 silver medalist.

The post script to the event was the super cool reaction from Tanner Hall, who was standing with Xavier as the judges’ score was announced.  Hall set a great example of sportsmanship.  His glee for Xavier’s win was genuine and a nice ending for this year’s X Games Superpipe. 

photo courtesy of Rossignol

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