Simon Dumont Freeski Big Air X Games Gold

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 24, 2009 8:48 pm

There’s many ways to interpret ESPN allowing texters to be the judges of the Big Air comps in both snowboarding and skiing.  On the snowboard side, it was clear early, that Travis Rice’s popularity was going to carry him to gold.  Travis threw it down like a true champ, but subjectivity was not going to be a deciding factor in who took home gold.

Tonight, it was much the same for Freeski Big Air.  In the finals, cameras caught Simon Dumont genuinely apologizing to Jon Olsson, "Sorry, I didn’t make the rules."  No reason for Simon to feel apologetic.  Dumont’s double front flip, with a laid out, head-first superman in the middle, wins serious points for style and won the hearts (and thumbs) of the texters.  Dumont said before the comp that he would donate 10k to the recovery fund for Riley Poor, his personal cinematographer who was seriously injured this month.  An insider’s knowledge of the arc and progression of freestyle would compel judging types to give Jon Olsson’s trick the nod.  But, Saturday night was a chance for the fans to rap their arms around Simon Dumont.  A little love from the people for Simon Dumont, X Games 13 Gold in Freeski Big Air.

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