Lindsey Vonn Super G Win, Ties Tamara McKinney for Most Victories

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 2, 2009 11:00 am

A short 48 hours after Lindsey Vonn won the slalom in Garmisch, the Vail superstar slapped another victory onto her weekend total, winning the super G.  The win was historic, as Lindsey Vonn ties American great, Tamara McKinney, with most victories from a U.S. woman.  The number is 18, a number that Vonn is flying by.  "I am so excited about it. Tamara was an amazing racer.  I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to even get close to the number of wins that she’s had in her career," Vonn said. "I feel very honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Tamara because she’s an amazing person and a great legend in ski racing."

Vonn had many advantages heading into the race.  The first, and most obvious, her dominating skills in speed events.  Another edge, Vonn’s husband, Thomas, had some knowledge to share on the Garmisch course.  "I think it was also an advantage to have my husband [Thomas] here because he used to race this course so many times because it’s the old men’s track," Vonn said. "He told me exactly where I should go fast and where the tricky sections were. I think it really helped me and gave me confidence. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I was prepared for it."  And to completely stack the deck in her favor, Vonn’s coach set the course.  "It was a really difficult course, but Alex, my coach, set it and it was a great set. It was really challenging, icy and bumpy," Vonn said. "I just charged. I knew what line I needed to take in order to generate speed from top to bottom and I just executed my plan really well and had some fast skis on my feet and everything just seemed to work really well for me."

Lindsey Vonn’s skills + Thomas’ knowledge of the hill + coach setting course = victory.  That’s math anyone can understand.

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