New Jersey Native Wins New York City’s Prize: Red Bull Snowscrapers

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 6, 2009 10:20 am

They are referred to as the "bridge-and-tunnel crowd" by New York City residents.  Those who flock to New York City on the weekends from nearby places, like New Jersey.  Well, on Thursday night, it was a bridge-and-tunnel New Jersey native, Shayne Pospisil, who took New York City’s $50,000 top prize at the first Red Bull SnowScrapers.  "Having all of my friends and family here is amazing. It’s a dream come true," said Pospisil.  An overflow crowd of 50,000 braved seriously cold temperatures to witness a snowboard event held in the city, won by an athlete from the non-mountains of New Jersey.  Jamaica, you’re next.

The post contest celebration included a surprise appearance from Chuck D, joining Anthrax on stage for their classic "Bring the Noise".  The band so obviously pumped up on the event atmosphere, upped the tempo to Ministry fast.  Mix in not the DJ, but Chuck’s frozen lips from the bitter cold and trying to rap at a thousand miles-an-hour, somewhere I thought I heard Charlie Brown’s teacher (watch: here).  Still it was a valiant effort on Mr. D’s part.  I mean, what do a bunch of city folk know about mountain activities?  New Jersey’s Shayne Pospisil has an answer.  Apparently, a lot.

    #1 – Shayne Pospisil        
    #2 – Torstein Horgmo        
    #3 – Scotty Lago          
    #4 – Travis Rice            
    #5 – Daniel Ek              
    #6 – Shaun White            
    #7 – Bjorn Leines           
    #8 – Terje Haakonsen        
    #9 – Dustin Craven        
    #10 – Mikkel Bang           
    #11 – Heikki Sorsa        
    #12 – Pat Moore       
    #13 – Eero Ettala
    #14 – Andreas Wiig       
    #15 – Jack Mitrani     
    #16 – JJ Thomas          

photos: (top: Adam Schneider) (right: Lucius Kwok)

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