14 year old Sarah Hendrickson Wins Continental Cup Ski Jumping Championships

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 9, 2009 2:02 pm

Overcoming warm weather which slowed the takeoff speeds, and back spasms which kept her sidelined earlier during the week at the FIS World Junior Championships, fourteen year old Sarah Hendrickson of the US Ski Team claimed her first Ladies’ Continental Cup (LCOC) victory with a win at Zakopane POL on Saturday February 7, 2009. With Hendrickson in the lead after the first round, organizers began a second round but eventually scrapped it, and posted final results based on the first round only … putting America’s tiny flier atop the podium for the first time. While many faltered under the less than ideal conditions, four of Hendrickson’s US teammates also placed in the top ten. Lindsey Van was third, Avery Ardovino fourth, Abby Hughes 6th, and Jessica Jerome was 10th. Karin Friberg, a member of the VISA Women’s Ski Jumping Team, finished 19th. Alissa Johnson (USST) was 29th, and Nina Lussi (VWSJT) finished 44th.