Tom Wallisch Wins Dew Tour Slopestyle, PK Hunder Takes 25k Overall Title

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 23, 2009 12:00 pm

Tom Wallisch was late to the Winter Dew Tour party.  A broken collarbone had sidelined the 21-year-old University of Utah student.  Extra milk begat bone-healing calcium, and Wallisch showed the world why he is considered part of the next-gen movement taking place in terrain park skiing.  Wallisch executed perfectly stylish switch 1260s (three-and-half full rotations) to win the slopestyle contest on the final stop of the Winter Dew Tour.  Wallisch’s winning run has been called one of the best runs of the Winter Dew Tour.  For Wallisch, it all came down to his second run, after overshooting one of the features on his first run, a result of too much adrenaline.  “I slowed down a bit on my second run, fixed my mistakes,” Wallisch said from the podium. "I couldn’t be more stoked to be in this position right now."

Wallisch’s score of 92.83 topped Alexis Godbout’s 91.83 and Josiah Wells’ 90.50.  Although PK Hunder placed sixth, it was enough for him to take the overall Dew Cup title and the 25k prize.

It was a super successful inaugural Winter Dew Tour, with Tanner Hall taking the overall superpipe title and Hunder the slopestyle title.  Look for more stops next year and the progression of the sport to be pushed to bigger and badder levels.  Props to the Alliance of Actions Sports for putting on a fantastic tour!

photo: Tom Wallisch at Winter Dew Tour, Northstar-at-Tahoe, courtesy of

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