Simon Dumont’s Inaugural Dumont Cup at Sunday River: Register Now!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 11, 2009 4:40 pm

Simon Dumont is bringing it all home.  It’s the first ever Dumont Cup at Sunday River, the home mountain for Simon Dumont and site of his quarterpipe highest-air world record.  The contest is a pro/am, with the pros judging the amateurs.  It’s a stacked group of pros that Simon has procured for his inaugural showdown.  TJ Schiller, Peter Olenick, Jossi Wells, and Tom Wallisch will all be on hand to give coaching advice and ultimately hand out Golden Tickets to 15 amateurs who will compete with the five pros in the finals.

The course itself is straight from the mad scientist lab of Simon Dumont.  It has everything, says Simon.  "My main goal was to have a course that allows every style of skiing the chance to be showcased. Rails, big jumps, and obviously a large quarterpipe."

A total purse of 18k will be handed out, with 10k going to the winner.  The top amateur will receive a one-week scholarship to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania.  The date of the festivities is April 11, the exact day one year ago where Dumont soared 35 feet above the lip of the quarterpipe to best Terje Haakonsen’s world record.

If you’ve the skills, register online here.  Get instruction from the superstars of park and pipe.  Simon Dumont is giving you the opportunitu to back up all the made game you’ve been talkin’, saying you could go pro.  Go pro?  Simon’s giving you your chance to see how you measure up against the best.  Go make it happen!

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