JP Auclair, Kye Peterson Win Red Bull Cold Rush

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 30, 2009 10:20 am

If you’ve ever seen that Twilight Zone episode with the immortal, forever young Walt Jameson, then you can begin to understand the JP Auclair story.  JP helped launch the twin tip revolution as part of the New Canadian Airforce.  He famously held up the Solomon 1080, the first twin tip ski, at the awards ceremony after winning the U.S. Freeskiing Open.  JP Auclair was there.

In 2002, Armada Skis was born out of a collection of friends, skiers, and visionaries.  Once again, JP Auclair was there.

This past weekend, the Newschoolers community bestowed an award on the O.G. newschooler (shall we now say oldschooler?) as JP Auclair took the people’s vote in the Red Bull Cold Rush People’s Choice Award.   Long title for a man with two letters in his first name.  JP, reserved and controlled in person, becomes "the man" when the planks are fastened to the feet.  Check his run here.

Earlier in the weekend, Kye Peterson continued his ascent as one of the greats, as the other compeitors voted him best overall skier and winner of the Red Bull Cold Crush

The competitors voted the young guy, Kye, the best.  The community voted the old guy, JP, the best.  No love for the middle guys…

photo: JP Auclair (left), Kye Peterson (middle), Sage Cattebraga-Alosa (right) celebrating on the podium

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