Tim Dutton of Squaw Valley is the World Freeskiing Champion

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 13, 2009 11:20 am

Tim Dutton, where on earth did you come from? 

Twenty-three days ago, Timmy was probably best known as the nephew of Tahoe luminary Billy Dutton, whose life is still celebrated annually at Squaw Valley with the Billy Dutton Uphill.

But, then came nephew Dutton’s first big mountain comp at Kirkwood, the North American Freeskiing Championships.  Tim Dutton showed up an unknown, and left as champion.  The victory earned him an invite to the fifth and final stop of the Subaru Freeskiing World Championships in Alyeska.

This past weekend, 29 men and 10 women were invited to show off their big mountain skills.  The FWT  (Freesking World Tour) is right there with the Hannenkahm downhill when it comes to both the visual incredibleness of the event, and the inherent danger of pushing the limits in extreme terrain.  As a reminder of that danger, on Saturday the competitors rode the tram to the top of Alyeska, gathering together to share memories of John Nicoletta who died in the finals of last year’s World Championships.  Nothing but the utmost respect is due the competitors of the FWT.  This is not contained and controlled park skiing.  This is the biggest, steepest, and gnarliest terrain out there.  Combine that terrain with the creativity of line selection and the skills to ski those lines, these men and women are truly ski heroes.

Freeskiing comps may not have gates and times, but they do have their own set of criteria: line choice, fluidity, control, aggression/energy and form/technique.

In the end, Tim Dutton is your 2009 Subaru World Freeskiing Champion.  Dutton skied confidently through exposed sections, airing over rocks, and showed the same bag of big skills that earned him the top spot in Kirkwood.  Tim Dutton, still a nephew, but now a big mountain skiing star.

photo (above): Tim Dutton dodgin’ rocks

photo (below): Julien Lopez backflips his way to the overall FWT title

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