2000 Straight Days on Skis and Counting: Rainer Hentrich

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 23, 2009 11:00 am

Rainer Hertrich is the world’s greatest ski bum, in the most complimentary sense of the term “bum”.  This past Wednesday, the 47-year-old telemarker celebrated his 2,000th straight day of skiing.  Every single day since November 1, 2003, Rainer Hertrich has laid down some tracks.

The genesis of his ski odyssey began at the legendary Jackson Hole aprés ski spot, The Mangy Moose.  On the walls of the restaurant, a select club is celebrated: skiers who put in at least 6 million vertical feet in a single season.  For Hertrich, the gauntlet was laid down.

“I was looking at that and thinking, ‘Well, I did about 4 million last year and I skied 250 days,’” Hertrich said. “But those days weren’t consecutive, so I figured I could get some more days in.”

“Some more days” turned into a streak that is unfathomable to even comprehend.  His journey began at Copper Mountain Resort where Hertich was a snow groomer, moved on to the resorts of Utah, Oregon, and eventually down to South America. 

As he nears 66 million vertical feet, we at The Ski Channel celebrate Rainer Hertrich’s 2000-day milestone with a look at other notable “2000″s:

2000 Day Offensive by the Bomber Command.  The World War II collective of the British Royal Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the air forces of other Commonwealth countries opened up a second offensive in the Allies battle with Hitler.  Valuable resources (weapons and soldiers) were diverted from the front lines to defend Germany’s skies against the unending 2000-day aerial offensive.  Dangerous work for the Bomber pilots, to the tune of a 44% casualty rate.  “The bomber will always get through” was the ideolgy behind the Bomber Command.  Surely an ideology to which Rainer Hertich can relate.

2000 Spam Emails.  “Anyone who is serious about money on the internet…” And who wouldn’t be?  Rainer Hertrich, that’s who.  There’s no homepage for Mr. Hertrich.  But, if he were to get involved with the Internet Scene, specifically the consumer side of the Internet Scene, he might want to check out the bling-a-fied key2net.  A 30-day trial gets you 2,000 email addressed every day.  Ignore conscience, spam away.  The critics “raved and marveled” and “said it can’t be done.”   The same could be said of Rainer Hertrich.

2000 Production Days for BBC’s Planet Earth.  If you’ve seen it, no sell is necessary.  Jeff Spicoli would dub it “totally righteous.”  Good thing, as the BBC spent a record amount of cash on this nature doc/television series.  But unlike Mel Gibson’s disastrous Water World, the results were total TV excellence. The 2000 days of production netted dozens of events which had never been shown on television.  Among them, a piranha feeding frenzy shot from in the water, the highest-ever aerial coverage of Mount Everest, and stomach turning footage of a group of chimpanzees killing and eating one-another.  Rainer Hertrich would no doubt recognize the chimpanzees actions as a Darwinian sign of contemporary politics.

Windows 2000 and the Zotob Worm.  Not the garden vegetable kind, the computer kind, propagated by a group of menacingly titled “black hat” hackers.  In the Hacker Universe,  black hats are not the good guys.  Our IT guy would like me to add, “no offense.”  The Zotob worm malwared its way through computers at ABC, CNN, The AP, New York Times, and Caterpillar Inc.  Security vulnerabilities in Windows 2000 cost each company an average of 97k and required 80 hours of Zotob Worm clean-up.  Bad worm!

In the Year 2000 from Conan O’Brien.  The beautiful falsetto sung by Late Night trambonist Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg is the melody the brain refuses to forget.  On my death bed as I take my last breaths, Richies “in the year 2000!” will be serenading my good bye.  Not by choice.  As for Conan’s predictions, well the man is no prophet of 2000 years ago.  Among his failed prophecies, we never did receive radio signals back from outer space with the simple message of “less talk, more rock.”  Scientists never did revive Einstein’s brain and keep it alive in a jar and, as Conan predicted, Einstein’s brain would then become a DJ.  Now that would have been cool.  Rainer Hertrich would agree: to Einstein’s DJ brain, Stephen Hawking would have been a great squawk-box MC.

piranha photo by gydnew

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