The Original Pond Skim, 19th Annual Cushing Classic, at Squaw Valley May 9th

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 27, 2009 11:00 am

(NOTE: Event rescheduled from May 3rd to May 9th)

So you say you’ve pond-skimmed?  Well, Big Shot, ever pond-skimmed over an actual pond?

Yes, there’s a reason why all the pseudo ponds implemented at end-of-the-season parties are called ponds.  It was at Squaw Valley 19 years ago that some ski patrollers attempted to cross Lake Cushing, an actual pond, as a farewell to the mountain and ski season.   Once a ritual, now a public competition, the 19th Annual Cushing Classic has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 9th.

Every year the crowds have grown in size as the participants have upped the creativity and originality of their costumes and tools for crossing the pond.  Thousands will be on hand this year to see what will be thought of next.  Judges include 5-time X-Games Gold Medalist Nate Holland, superstar ski racer of yesteryear Tamara McKinney, and ski film maker/ski film star Scott Gaffney.




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