Finale of The Campus Rail Jam Tour Hits Portland Saturday

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 29, 2009 11:18 am

Taking its cue from the do-it-yourself, DIY ethic of 1980s indie rock, The Campus Rail Jam Tour Crew is 15 dudes and one unfortunate lady touring college campuses in a beat-up, one-time Greyhound bus purchased via Craigslist.  The crew of free food eatin’, floor-crashers puts on the The Campus Rail Jam Tour.  The final stop for these road-weary, not-so-pleasant smelling folks is Pioneer Square in Portland tomorrow, Saturday.

At this moment, the haggard crew is laying down 25 tons of snow from Mt. Hood so you, the amateur up-and-comer can show off your rail skills in a very un-mountain-like venue, Pioneer Square in Portland.  The 12-stop tour has already hit college campuses in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, California, and Washington.

A sojourn of this epic scale deserves a congratulatory homecoming.  On hand to welcome the crew home and offer up  his famed play-by-play for the finals will be snowboarding legend/Olympics broadcaster, Todd Richards. 

Big congrats to the crew on a successful tour and for giving ams a chance to further their burgeoning careers.

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