Snowy Mountains of Music Opens Ski Season at Perisher, Australia

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on June 4, 2009 11:26 am

Snowy mountains are a good thing by themselves.  Snowy mountains of music, well now you’ve just thrown some Hershey’s chocolate syrup on my ice cream.  Thank you!

Perisher, Australia’s largest ski resort, kicks off their ski season this weekend with the Snowy Mountains of Music festival.  A whopping 45 acts playing 140 shows in 11 venues will bring the music to the snowy mountains between Friday and Monday.

And like every year, the traditional Blessing of the Snow will take place at Perisher’s All Denominational Church, a summoning of a higher power to make the white stuff for the higher elevations.

The list of artists playing with the award for best band name following:

Tex Perkins, The Audreys, A French Butler Called Smith, Ami Williamson, Azadoota, Big Erle, Big Snore Hammers, Bruce Mathiske, Carol Heuchan, ‘Circus in the Snow’, Dan Druff, Damon Davies and Damien Neil, Daniel Champagne, Davidson Brothers, Denizen, Enda Kenny & Lindsay Martin, Franklyn B Paverty Bush Band, Handsome Young Strangers, High Fidelity, Hoddle, Humbug, Jan Lewis, Jenny M.Thomas, John Broomhall Trio, Jim Haynes, Kameruka Bush Orchestra, Lilli Pilli Tales, Mike Martin Trio, Mothers of Intention, Nick Rheinberger, Once Upon a Song, Paul Robert Burton Duo, Pete Wild and the Only Ones, Peter Mace, Puppet Palace, Queen Juanita and The Zydeco Cowboys, Russell ‘The Powitt’ Hannah, Sal Kimber and The Good Ole Boys, Súnas, The Band Who Knew Too Much, The Wild Martins, The Woohoo Revue, Usutu, Vardos, Wheeze & Suck Band, Wongawilli

Best band name: The Band Who Knew Too Much with an hororable mention going to Queen Juanita and The Zydeco Cowboys.

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