Bachelor Parties: Take your Mancation to the Mountains

Posted By: TSC Admin on June 5, 2009 11:55 am

Many soon-to-be married guys out there are saying no to smoky casinos, neon lights and prime rib buffets and taking their bachelor parties to a new altitude. Why not ski, white water raft or golf with your buddies instead of waking up penniless and drenched in shame at one the traditional bachelor party destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City? A mountain activity really brings a group of guys together and creates a focal point around which the weekend can revolve. And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time to crush beers and mingle with sexy mountain bunnies.

A few mountain bachelor party hot spots:

Whistler, BC

If you can convince your friends to make the trip up to this ridiculously cool ski town a two-hour drive from Vancouver, you won’t be disappointed. According to a lot of skiers who know their stuff, Whistler, the site of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, has the best skiing in the world. If you miss ski season, check out some of the super-manly summer activities Whistler offers like ATV tours and black bear viewing. The Whistler bar and club scene is off the charts as well. (Just ask Whistler native Ross Rebagliati, the first man in Olympic history to have a gold medal stripped because of evidence of marijuana use.) Locals swear by the drinks at Buffalo Bill’s and there is even a strip joint called The Boot Pub.

Vail, CO
A two-hour drive from the Denver, Vail might be your safest bet for an unforgettable bachelor party. Not much needs to be said about the quality of Vail’s snow and its seemingly endless Back Bowls. However, the amazing array of quality golf courses in the Vail Valley is widely underappreciated. There are fifteen full-length courses in the area, ranging from the inexpensive Vail Golf Club  (pictured left) to the spectacular and exclusive Mountain Course at Cordillera. There are also various adventure outfitters in the Vail area who offer 4X4 off-road trips and class I-V white water rafting excursions. It may not have a strip club, but with bars like Vendettas and The Club, Vail has a very solid year-round bar scene.

Killington, VT
While the snow quality doesn’t compare with Vail or Whistler, it’s proximity to New York (4.5 hours) and Boston (2.5 hours), makes Killington an excellent choice for East Coast bachelor parties. During the warmer months, you can find affordable golf courses and gnarly mountain biking trails within a short distance of town. Killington’s nightlife also pales in comparison to its western brothers, but it does have extensive phonebook listings for exotic dancers and a stop by the Long Trail Brewery to pick up a couple cases of cold ones on the drive in is a must.